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Pannenberg’s conception of retroactive continuity ultimately means that history flows fundamentally from the future into the past, that the future is not basically a product of the past.

— Elgin Frank Tupper

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I am not sure exactly how it all got to be so boring.

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Zoom trizzmatic:


#Doctor Morton Ether - 1846 #ether #inventor

nas and jayz



#Doctor Morton Ether - 1846 #ether #inventor

nas and jayz

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Goals..forreal doe.

For real. GOALS

You should see the whole vid.

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Too much like right



Too much like right

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Hi guys here is another Full Body Workout.

You will only need 27 minutes to do it. 

Below are a couple of tips for each exercise: 

1- Squat: 

Focus on breathing deeply and moving your entire body. Try not to squat too deep in the first minute. Keep you abs contracted and your chest open. 

2- Scissors: 

Rotate from the waist. The elbow doesn’t have to touch the knee, just focus on the rotation. 

3- Heel Lifts:

The movement is done from a squat position, so it’s important that you try to maintain it during the heel lifts. Search for a position that allows you to execute the movement with safety but remember to challenge yourself. 

Option: Keep the hands on the waist

4- Knee To Elbow / Leg Lift: 

From Downward Dog bring your knee towards your elbow and curl your back, looking to your belly. 

When extending  the leg up push the floor with your hands. Keep your abs engaged all the time. 

5- Front Kick / Lunge: 

Engage you abs for balance. Kick low. 

Option: When doing the lunge the hand doesn’t  touch the floor

6- Squat / Lunge: 

The weight of your body will be on your heels. Keep your abs strong and chest open. 

Option: Don’t squat too low. When doing the lunge the hand doesn’t touch the floor. 

7- Open Leg Rocker: 

This one is a challenge! This movement is all about control. Focus on your abs. Curl your back and look to your belly when rolling back and when sitting open your chest and look forward. 

Option: Keep you legs bent to a 90 degree angle

8- Swimming: 

Engaged your butt and abs. Look forward. Keep your chest off the floor. 

9- Tricep / Cobra: 

This movement is like a dive. When doing the tricep keep your chest next to the floor. For cobra contract your butt and abs and it’s important you keep your legs and feet on the floor. Keep your shoulders relaxed and away from your ears. 

10- Half Circle Pose: 

This beautiful stretch opens and stretches the whole side of the body from foot to fingers. Half circle also opens the chest and the hips and stimulates the respiratory and nervous systems.

Be gentile when putting the supporting hand on the floor, if you can ‘t reach the floor whit your palm put only your fingertips. 

Try to keep your chest open. 

Hope you enjoy it! I’m here if you need any extra tip.

Stay Fit, Stay Well! 


Pretty cool

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Zoom crossfitters:

Nicole Zapoli

I’m not doing enough


Nicole Zapoli

I’m not doing enough

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Zoom blazepress:

By Cento Lodigiani


By Cento Lodigiani

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"Quality is defined by customers’ requirements."
“Top management has direct responsibility for quality improvement.”
“Increased quality comes from systematic analysis and improvement of work processes.”
“Quality improvement is a continuous effort and conducted throughout the organization.”

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